our politics

For years I was shunned for my somewhat neurotic environmentalism, and I daren't mention my feminazi sympathies. At house parties it was socially acceptable to debate labour politics and conservatism, but mention the issues inherent in overpopulation or deforestation, and the conversation quickly died down, groups would disperse, and I would be left standing alone with no conduit for my rage.

I've found that I've had more discrimination over the years for my vegetarianism then I have ever received as a member of the LGBT+ community (though I know I have been very lucky in that regards). I think the fear of the dreaded veggie stems from the guilt people experience when they are met with the threat of a different, more ethical, way of living. The age old dilemma of 'have your cake and eat it’.


It's only in more recent years that I've begun receiving praise for my attitude towards food and lifestyle (and not just my vegetarianism). Friends now cheer, with what I believe to be, genuine delight when I arrive at their house with home baked vegan brownies. I now get asked more and more 'how can I live more ethically?'. This is the questions we should all ask ourselves. Every single day. For the rest of our lives. 

Luckily, SexyVeg is here to help. 

This blog grew out of the desire to create a space for alternative narratives to be heard—the voices of the forgotten, neglected or silenced. SexyVeg seeks to challenge its readers perceptions of culture, art, economics, literature, science. To reimagine what we think we know about the world we live in. Never close your mind, always be willing and ready to learn, and start to take responsibility for your actions and their social and environmental consequences. 

All of our wonderful contributors—artists, writers, critics, musicians, academics, dancers—have been hand picked because, in one way or another, they tell new stories or old stories that have rarely (or never) been given a platform from which to speak. These voices are not all necessarily eco (although this narrative is inherent to all discourse about change, diversity and anti-establishment) but also engage with feminist, homosexual, transgender and racial discourse. 

If you are bored by the same damsel in distress, hetero-normative love stores; driven mad by the capitalist money making schemes Hollywood pumps out every couple of weeks; desperate to see, read, watch and experience upcoming projects going on in the UK (and abroad) then this is the place for you!